Currently we offer personalized programming, as well as one on one instruction along with group workouts every evening
HOURS: Monday - Friday 11:30a - 1:00p, 5:30p - 7:30p
We also have group workouts on Saturday at 10 AM! 
If you are interested in trying us out please don't hesitate to drop in and we will set you up with a free weeks trial! 
*Normal drop in rate for classes or day use is $10

The Team House Special Operations Forces Preparation Course is a 12-day program designed to prepare civilians, law enforcement, military personnel & Special Operations Candidates for the rigors of any selection course. Successful completion of our course for each individual that participates is our primary objective. In this we will promote the best possible chance of survival with whatever they experience during their respective selection process. 


Our demanding course, designed and instructed by current/prior SOF operators, will push anyone of any fitness level, while educating them about teamwork, leadership, physical endurance, and mental fortitude. Students will be exposed to classes on the fundamentals of water confidence, swimming, running, physical conditioning, rucking, teamwork, leadership and mental fortitude and more. An intense 24-hour FTX (field training exercise) will put these skills to the test via realistic selection scenarios.

The bottom line is that by completing the TH SOF-PC you will be better prepared for anything that Special Operations or Military training can throw at you!

***As an added bonus anyone attending this course gets free access to the gym any time we're open during the course at no extra charge!


Challenge yourself in this series of classes hosted by THE TEAM HOUSE emphasizing the use of compound barbell lifts and intense circuit training workouts to build stamina, strength, and power.

Through Functional Fitness training you will efficiently and systematically improve both your strength and cardiovascular capacity in measurable ways.

People of all ages and training backgrounds are encouraged to attend. You’ll receive recommendations and workouts scaled to your own individual abilities. At the Teamhouse Gym, the goal is NOT to break you, but to provide fitness education that will help you enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle.